Friday, June 2, 2017

The Edge of Life

This past fall I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing project.  This project was lead by an even more amazing Woman of God who I really respect, love and cherish. As part of this project I lent my voice to the topic - "The Edge of Life". Given that today is the day that the relaunch of the Rebirth Arts blog is happening and it also happens to be my birthday . . . I figured it is only fitting that the first post be on this topic.

Each and every one of us has a destiny. And our hearts and spirits are constantly longing to experience and manifest that destiny daily. However, more often than not, we find ourselves standing at the edge of life. Standing at the very point where we can either turn back and be complacent or leap and experience all the joy, peace, and freedom that our loving Father has afforded us. We stand at that edge contemplating our fears and at the same time encouraging others to leap to their destinies. We push so hard for others at times that we tend to lose focus on the very thing that we have a heart's desire to accomplish.

Throughout my life, I can remember very distinctly moments where I found myself at the edge of life. And if I'm really honest, I found myself to be anxious, afraid, uncertain, and at times even paralyzed. But I also remember realizing in those moments, when I found myself to be a little less than the faith-filled Christian that I purported to be, that I wasn't looking to the Father to guide, help, assist, provide, cover, protect . . . and the list could go on. I was only looking at my own ability, resources, connections, bank accounts, etc. However I'm thankful that somehow, even in my moments of awkward nervousness, the little faith I had left rose up inside of me and literally pushed me over the edge.  I'm grateful that I had sense enough to trust the promptings of the Holy Spirit in my life and let go and let God take over.

Now don't get me wrong, I still have moments where fear tries to paralyze me and keep me from pushing hard after my destiny. But what I've come to know and understand is that fear can only try to stop me. As long as I trust God and I'm obedient to move when He says move, I know I will always find victory on the other side of fear. And I want you to know that the same is true for you.  If you can muster up enough courage to jump off the edge of life, to stop waiting for the perfect moment, and reach just a little bit further than where you are comfortable, you'll find a passion that will burn so deeply within you that it will fuel you even in the face of fear.

Know that there are no perfect moments. The timing will never be just right, the finances won't accumulate quick enough, and the stars will always be slightly out of alignment. All we have is NOW. So why not leap. Why not take God at His word. Why not allow God to prove that His promises are true in your life, for all those watching. Why not be on the receiving end of God's goodness, love, mercy, grace, abundance, favour, and miracles. God is waiting for you. He is waiting for you to push past your fear and take the first step. He is waiting for your mustard seed of faith to peak through the fog of your thoughts, so that He can set in motion your next divine appointment.

So know that you aren't standing alone at the edge of life, but be encouraged not to stay there. I pray that you will put your hand in God's hand, throw your head back, and leap off the edge. That you will embrace God's thoughts towards you, knowing it is ok for you to have everything God has promised you. And I pray that as you venture out into the unknown that you will find everything that your spirit has been searching for.

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