Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stand Tall!

As I watched one of my petite dancers minister during our praise and worship service one evening the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said . . . "You may not be able to change your physical stature but you can increase your stature and presence in the Spirit Realm."  That very statement became the inspiration for this week's blog post.

As I contemplated that statement and begin to think about not only the dancer that I was observing, but myself as well, it became very clear to me what the Spirit of God was trying to reveal.

Personally I'm a petite dancer in size and height; however I've been told at times, by those who have witnessed my ministry, that I GROW in the Spirit, while I minister. I appear to be taller and have a longer reach then I do to the natural eye.

I began to contemplate this concept. And it became very clear to me, that when you have an understanding of who you are in God and how He flows through you in the use of your gift, it does not matter how "big" you are, you will make insurmountable waves in the Spirit Realm, because God is at the center of what you are doing and you have an awareness and knowledge of His presence and His had upon your life in that moment.

As a minister of the arts, no matter the form - - music, song, dance, painting, drama, etc. - - you have to know that God uses your gift in a very unique way to impact His people.  You have to know that God has anointed you to be able to deliver a very specific message through the art form that He has graced you with the talent to deliver. Once you've settled these very important facts in within yourself, it will allow you to grow in the Spirit Realm and have a much larger impact then you could ever imagine.

I will give you this example . . . have you ever seen someone who at first seems very shy and introverted walk up to a mic stand to sing a solo? But when they open their mouths to release the song that is deep down on the inside of them you are almost knocked out of your seat, because of the anointing and the fact that you were not expecting something so "grand" to come out of someone so "small". Well that same impact can be true for you and your gift, when you are confident in the One who gave you the gift and how He operates through you when you surrender it to Him.

So I just encourage you this week to STAND TALL in your gift and under the anointing that the Father has placed on your life for the impact of His people.  There is no greater joy that I get than to be able to be in a position surrendered to God's use. The more you surrender your gift, God will reveal to you how He specifically uses you to impact the world. Know that "every joint supplies" and you and your gift are needed for a Kingdom work.