Tuesday, July 28, 2015

God said wait . . . .

So, God said . . . 

Now what?

Sometimes in this walk with God He tells us to wait. We often feel in that moment like that "loading circle" that's constantly revolving and we anticipate the moment when the period of waiting is over. We often shift our focus and expectations to the end of the waiting period, instead of seeking God about the reason why He told us to wait in the first place.

In my own seasons of waiting on God, I have come to understand that the "waiting" is most often not about the length of time, but it is purposeful for what God wants to get accomplished in our lives. For some of us it may be hard to come to the conclusion that we are still works in progress that are being perfected for God's use, but if we can ever settle this fact in our spirits, hearts, and minds then we will be better equipped to endure through the waiting periods.

God's waiting periods are always strategic.  When He gives us the command to wait, it is likely because there is something that He has to work in us to be ready for the next step or level in our journey with Him.  Maybe there are still some of our own selfish ways that He must work out of us, before we are ready to walk in the next level of anointing that He desires to place on our lives. Often there is some fine tuning that is required so that our ability to hear and trust Him is increased, before He gives the next instruction. Sometimes the greater purpose is for us to have a much needed period where we slow down and are purposeful about being in God's presence to deepen our relationships with Him.

Noticed I called this period of waiting a command.  When God says to wait, it isn't an option.  He isn't giving us the option to wait or to move forward. God's instructions for us to wait can also be associated with our protection. Maybe there is a direction that we thought we were being lead by God to take and it is really a trap set by the enemy to take our very lives. However, when we are obedient to the voice of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can avoid such pitfalls and have victory in every area of our lives.

I hope that this post encourages you to trust God not only for His promises, but also for the timing of those promises in your life.  If God said to WAIT, know it has a purpose and you will still get to the expected end and all the promises that God has spoken over your life, exactly when He desires for them to manifest for you.