Friday, June 9, 2017


Be honest with me . . . . what did you think that this post was going to be about? Often times when we hear or see the word intimacy we think that it is referring to a sensual physical act. Well . . . that's not what I'm going to talk about. Sorry if I disappointed you, but what I want to share with you is so important and vital to our very existence.

Did you know that your soul and spirit craves intimacy? Intimacy is defined as a close familiarity or friendship. It can also be defined as a close observation or knowledge of a subject.

We have an innate desire to have an inexplicable closeness with another person.  We desire for this person to know who we are, at our core, without having to explain ourselves to them in detail. This desire is one that was planted by our Father when He created us.  God made us relational and we have to be connected to each other in order to fulfill our journeys in life. However; in order to fulfill the desire in our hearts for intimacy, we have to be willing to be vulnerable to someone else.

This in turn is where the challenge begins. Because of our experiences in life that have lead to hurts, disappointments, broken hearts, and shattered promises it is difficult for us to be vulnerable with those around us. It is unthinkable for us to share our inner most thoughts and feelings with someone else who might not cherish them and hold them in the highest regard.

But there is hope. I promise you there is hope! I've experienced my fair share of hurts, disappointments, broken hearts, and shattered promises. However; because I chose to allow God to step into my life and heal the scars those moments left behind, I was able to be made whole. I also learned during that healing process that although I desired to have a close familiarity and friendship with another person, God desired for me to have that level of intimacy with Him. He desired for me to be vulnerable with Him, to allow all of me to be exposed and uncovered, all the while knowing that He would cover me, protect me, and cherish me like the rarest of jewels. He wanted me to observe Him closely and have a knowledge of Him that would forever be tattooed on my heart. He wanted me to find the place where my level of intimacy with Him would transform my intimate interactions with other people.

The scriptures tell us:

“Come close to God, and God will come close to you . . . " James 4:8/NLT

In our coming close to God, He is able to have the opportunity to observe us closely and share His knowledge with us of who we really are.  In that place of closeness, God is able to heal us and mold us into our true selves. And when we've been through the process of developing an intimacy with the Father that can't be shaken, then and only then are we able to begin to truly develop healthy intimate relationships and friendships with those around us. Then and only then are we able to embrace someone else and cherish them on the level that will satisfy their desire for the intimate care of another person.

If you find yourself in a place where you have a deep longing for a close intimate relationship, be courageous enough to stand before the Father exposed. Stand there knowing that He loves you beyond measure, that He wants the very best of everything for you, and that in Him you will find an intimate satisfaction that no other human on Earth can provide. Once you've found this place, know that God will bring the right friendships into your life that will allow you to experience the unexplainable closeness of a divine connection, in His perfect timing.

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