Friday, April 17, 2015

I Can't See . . .

So here goes a real honest moment . . . . 

In this walk with God there are moments where I feel like, I can't see.  I can't see the path that God is taking me on and the directions that I'm given . . . well sometimes, they don't even make sense in the natural.  Fortunately for me, I've had enough experiences with God to know . . . that's exactly how He desires our relationship with Him to be.  

God does not like to be predictable in our lives.  He wants us to constantly be in a place of trusting Him.  He wants us to trust Him, even when we cannot see.  And as we progress and mature in our relationship with God, the level of trust and the things that God will require us to surrender to Him will change and even, at times, be more of a challenge.

There have been times in this walk with God that I've found myself having to surrender to God's will at the expense of my own desires and thoughts about what is "good" for me.  I've found myself having to prove through my desires, decisions, and actions in life that I truly trust God and the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life, even when it doesn't make sense in the natural. I've had to challenge myself to prove that at the end of the day, above all else . . . I trust God's leading in my life. I have to trust that God will guide me in the direction of what's not only "good" for my life, but what's "great, exceptional, and abundantly blessed" for my life.  I have to trust that God will work all things for my good, including even those things that are a challenge for me to give up or walk away from.  I have to trust God even if, at the onset, what I can see in the natural is completely opposite of looking like it is working for my good.

Spiritual growth and maturity is not an easy process, but it is necessary if we truly desire to deepen our relationship with God.  In this type of season, it will require more and more of a dying to one's self (i.e. desires, thoughts, feelings, etc.) in order to progress forward.  As we take this journey, the growth and maturity that we experience in our private lives will begin to spillover into our external ministries. Remember that with every step, God is with you and He will never leave you or lead you astray.  God has your back and knows where the path is that leads to your future. When it is all said and done . . . JUST TRUST GOD!