Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Hard!!!

Even the best of us at different points in our Christian walk have turned to God and asked … "Why is this so hard? What am I doing wrong? Did I not hear you? Did I miss the shift?" Yes, even me! 

In response, God answered … "The Fight is hard, because the Call is great."

When you are called by God, consecrated, and set apart for His use … that assignment doesn't come easy. Over the years I've heard my spiritual leaders say many times, "there is a price for the anointing." There has to be a certain level of opposition to what you are called to do, or the enemy is not doing his job. 

Now, don't get me wrong … I'm not talking about toiling and striving in the flesh to try to get something accomplished. If you find yourself in a position where you are working so hard to get something done in your own strength, this is a time to seek God and reevaluate what you are working towards.  

But when you know you are clearly on a spiritual assignment, you should expect there to be a certain level of spiritual warfare. You will have to mount up in God's strength, that He so generously supplies, and put on the full armor of God so that you can make it through the hard sections of the journey. There is overwhelming victory on the other side. 

Based on your past victories, your assignments for God will increase in their level of spiritual authority. As this takes place, the spiritual warfare will also change and increase. But do not be afraid. You've already overcome so much and come so far. Know you have divine back-up at all times and that God is aligning those that are specifically assigned to assist you along the way.  Keep pressing forward and remember this message of The Lord … 

"The Fight is hard, because the Call is great."

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Waiting on God …

Just my thoughts on a Saturday morning … We sometimes get impatient in our waiting … wanting God to show us who our spouse is. And when God reveals it to us, we are overwhelmed with excitement and want to shout it from the mountaintops. 

However … I challenge you to turn your focus toward yourself and ask God to show you what is required of YOU to fulfill the role of "husband or wife" to that person God has revealed is your spouse. Ask God to whisper the secrets of that person's calling and passion to you, so that you can prepare to be the support and prayer-warrior that they need. 

If they are called to minister around the world, if they are called to run a multi-million dollar business, if they are called to long-term missionary work, if they are called to be in the public eye … are you ready?! Have you made the adjustments in your actions to put them before yourself, have you changed your ways to be considerate and loving instead of selfish, have you renewed your mind with the Word of God…in order to be ready to step into the role of "husband/wife" for The One?

The role of "husband/wife" is truly a ministry … requiring a total surrendering of yourself to God, so that He can assist you in walking victoriously in marriage.   Marriage works … if you work! Great, amazing, and mind boggling marriages don't just happen, they take the thoughtful consideration of two people who focus their attention towards showing God's love to the other person FIRST.  

I've heard it said that great marriages happen when two servants fall in love. 

So you may say … what about ME, what about MY needs?! Well … I'm sorry to inform you that in marriage "me and my" don't really exist anymore. You are joined together with your spouse to be ONE. And think about it … if your spouse's focus is to always be filling your love tank, considering you before themselves, praying for you, pushing you to the next level in your calling, and thinking of unbelievable ways to bless you … what are you worried about? In this type of marriage atmosphere, you can easily take the focus off yourself, because God, through your spouse, is making sure that the things that concern you are taken care of.

Put your focus on being the best "husband/wife" for your spouse, based on their needs and not yours. Now I will warn you … in most cases, changing your focus may take you outside your comfort zone or what you are accustomed to. But the good news is … God is working those adjustments for your good. It is an adjustment that you need, so that you can go to the next level in all God has called you to do and all that He desires to bless you with.

When you put God at the center of your thoughts and your marriage, it produces a beautiful relationship of honor, respect, and love. Strive to be the spouse that "out loves" the other and I promise you that the fruit of your labor will be sweet!