Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stir Up the Gift . . .

The First Speaking Engagement

We were so truly blessed to be able to participate and facilitate a session at the In The Key of David - One Day Retreat with the theme of "Stir up The Gift" on Saturday - July 13, 2013.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit showed up to speak to the people of God and to show His power.  It was truly a supernatural experience that cannot be put into words.

In preparing for this engagement, I kept seeking God on what He wanted me to say and what He wanted me to teach.  Over a period of time God continued to drop things in my spirit to speak on, but I didn't receive any dance movements or choreography to teach.  As the days grew closer and closer, I kept checking in with God to see if the movement/choreography would come.  As I stood before the group that day I confessed the choreography never came.  So I went forth speaking on the things that the Lord had laid on my heart to share.  The topics included what it means to worship God, the call of the Levite (FYI: a blog post will be coming on this soon), and the things that are hindering us from going to the next level with God in our gifting and ministries.

Here are a few pictures from the event.  Once we have a chance to edit some of the video we will post it to our YouTube channel.


The next day the following questions settled in my spirit . . . .

We often cry out to God saying . . . "Stir up the Gift!".  But what is He really stirring up?  Have we allowed Him to deposit enough of His Spirit and His desires in us that when we are stirred what flows out is more of Him and less of us?

As ministers of the arts (i.e. dance, mime, music, voice, acting, art, etc.) we have to understand that it is critical for us to surrender our gifts and all that we are to God, so that He can develop us into the Men and Women of God that He desires for us to be.  We can no longer afford to hold anything back from God.  We need to make ourselves available for His use, at His direction.

I would challenge anyone that is reading this post, even if you are not a minister of the arts, to take a moment to reflect on those things that the Holy Spirit has been nudging you to do in order to take your walk with God and your ministry to the next level.  Once you've done that, purpose in your heart to accomplish those things, so that your life and your ministry can give God greater glory!